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Photo: Henry Taylor Wise cover.
Photo: magazine SPHR 26.

Aims of the Scottish Pottery Society

The Scottish Pottery Society (SPS) was formed in 1972 to encourage research into the history and products of the Scottish pottery industry. The industry lasted for about two hundred years from 1748. Glasgow was by far the biggest centre but Kirkcaldy and Bo'ness were also important and there were major potteries in Greenock and Alloa. East Lothian had an early start as a major centre but all except some stoneware potteries disappeared at a fairly early date.



Photo: bowl. Photo: Jug. Photo: cheese dish.

delft bowl
Attributed to the
Delftfield Pottery, C 1790s


Transfer pattern "Burns"
Campbellfield Pottery, Glasgow
C. 1890s


Rosslyn Jet
Fife Pottery,


About the Society

The Society is organised as separate branches with an overall central Council. At present there are two branches which meet in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Each branch has monthly meetings from September to May. These take the form of lectures, discussions and displays of pottery. The Council generally organises the actions of the Society and supervises publications. Members join one particular branch but are free to attend meetings (apart from AGMs) at both.

From time to time the Society organises or otherwise helps with exhibitions of pottery. Venues have included Perth, Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh, Stirling, Bo'ness, Milngavie, Kirkintilloch, Helensburgh, Cumnock and Glasgow.

Photo: Toddy bowl. Photo: figure. Photo: parian vase.

The Annfield Pottery of
John Thomson & Sons, C 1860s
Transfer pattern - 'Birds'


Old Mortality
Verreville Pottery, Glasgow


Parian vase, 1851
The Glasgow Pottery
of J.M.P. Bell & Co

To Join

To join the SPS you choose one of the two branches (Glasgow or Edinburgh) and fill in the relevant aplication form found on the Branches page and post it to the relevant secretary. Or attend a meeting and join there.
Cheques made payable to 'Scottish Pottery Society, .............branch'.

When you join you receive the current SPHR and a twelve page Bulletin. The Bulletin is only available to members and is issued twice a year. You should also receive a Branch news letter every month during the programme season.

Members can purchase back numbers of SPHR nos. 14 to 23 at a discount and only members can buy SPHRs before no. 14, if available.

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Photo: plate. Photo: bowl. Photo: bowl.

transfer pattern 'Balmoral',
Robert Cochran & Co,
Verreville Pottery C. 1890s


Holyrood Pottery,
Edinburgh C. 1930s ,


Transfer pattern 'Burns' C.W. McNay, Bridgness Pottery
Bo'ness C. 1910