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Charity No. SC00393

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Handbook of Scottish Marks

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This handbook has been designed to be an aid to Scottish pottery collectors and dealers who require a handy guide when
at antique fairs, auctions and other buying opportunities and also to help with the attribution of Scottish pottery.

It includes the known pot marks and transfer patterns of the industrial type potteries and the marks and decorative
ware design names of the Buchan Pottery. It does not include the marks and details of the Scottish studio, craft and art

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Scottish Pottery Historical Review (SPHR)

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No 26 2015

Photo: SPHR 26. Photo: SPHR 26 BP. Photo: contents. Photo: Page 17. Photo: Cleland sm. Photo: Emma.

No 25 2013

Photo: SPHR 25. Photo: SPHR 25. Photo: SPHR 25. Photo: SPHR 25. Photo: SPHR 25. Photo: SPHR 25.

No 24 2009

Photo: SPHR 24 Front cover. Photo: SPHR 24 Back cover. Photo: Contents Page. Photo: Page 30. Photo: Page 67. Photo: page 73.

No 23 2005

Photo: Sherds from Verreville.Photo: transfers.


No 9 1984/85, Editorial: Kay Dickson

Photo: Front Cover.

No 8 1983/84, Editorial: Kay Dickson

Photo: Front cover.

No 7 1982, Editorial Graeme D.R. Cruickshank

Photo: Front Cover.

No 6 1981, Editorial: Graeme D.R. Cruickshank

Photo: Front Cover.

No 5 1980, Editorial: Graeme D.R. Cruickshank
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Photo: Front Cover.

No. 4. Archive News 1979, Editorial: Graeme D.R. Cruickshank

  • Milne & Smith: another Portobello pottery name
  • Cadell's Pottery, Prestonpans: selling a dummy
  • In days of auld lang syne
  • Scott Bros. of Portobello: fact or fiction?
  • Newbigging Pottery, Musselburgh, Gerard Quail
  • Leith Customs Accounts: a progress report, George Gibb
  • Murray & Buchan's Pottery: the start of something big
  • Pottery Exports from Port Glasgow to the Americas, 1747-56 from the Customs Registers, Peter Denholm
  • Seaton Pottery, Aberdeen: Marking the Phases
  • Another Kirkcaldy Pottery?
  • The Scottish Potteries in Pictures, No.1
  • Thomas Rathbone of Portobello and a Spode Design, Robin Armstrong Hill
  • The Zoo Art Pottery of W. Miles Johnston
  • Craggan Ware, Gerard Quail
  • The City Pottery, Glasgow: exhibiting the evidence
  • The Crown Pottery of Miller & Young, Glasgow, Gerard Quail
  • The Thistle, the Crown, and No. 1000
  • Bathgate's Pottery, Glasgow: did it exist?, Gerard Quail
  • More on the Coral Porcelain of Prestonpans
  • The Potterfield Pottery of Nether Pollock, Edward Brown
  • The Pottery of Alexander Murray, Leith, Gerard QuailThe North British Pottery of A. & J. Winkles, Leith, Gerard Quail
  • Clackmannan: a new pottery townAnd now - the Borders
  • Tracing Bell's Oriental trade
  • A Prestonpans Pottery Inventory of 1801-2, Gerard Quail
  • More on Mak'Merry
  • Portobello sgraffito?
  • Firing a Bottle Oven, _ Peter Denholm
  • Garibaldi: the Scottish Connection
  • The Caledonia China of John Millar & Co., Glasgow, Gerard Quail
  • Broomlees Brick & Tile Works, Fife,
  • Cadell - Downey - Mackenzie: another link in the chain
  • Report on Waster Finds from Fife's Farm, Easterhouse, Glasgow, Gerard Quail
  • More Stoneware Threats
  • Perth enters the lists
  • Cartoon

  • No. 3. Archive News 1978, ISSN 0309-7617, Editorial: Graeme D.R. Cruickshank

  • Pottery in America: Scottish connections
  • The Story of David Ramsay, Potter, Gerard Quail
  • Two East Lothian Art Potteries
  • The Cadell Operations in Prestonpans George Gibb
  • Patrick Downey: a link with the Cadells, George Gibb
  • Coral Porcelain
  • The Garnkirk Urn Irene MacDonald
  • Dundee - city without a pottery?
  • Notes on West of Scotland Sponge-Printed Earthenware, Gerard Quail
  • The City Pottery, Glasgow (part 2)
  • "treasures from an earthen pot" (George Herbert) , J Ian W Hobbs
  • Tribute in Stone
  • Preliminary Report on Waster Finds at Carrick Street and James Watt Street from the Deltfield Pottery, Gerard Quail
  • Bratby & Hinchliffe - one OFF the list?

  • No. 2. Archive News 1977, Editorial: Graeme D.R. Cruickshank

  • The Mysteries of the Labyrinth
  • Davidson of St. Rollox - an unrecorded Scottish Pottery
  • Starvation firings' in Scotland?
  • Transfer Printed Patterns and their Sources George Gibb
  • The forgotten city - a pottery at last?
  • Closure of Belfield's of Prestonpans (part 2)
  • More on Belfield's of Prestonpans Irene MacDonald
  • Cadell's Pottery, Prestonpans Irene MacDonald
  • Scottish stoneware exports
  • Thomson & Robertson's Pottery - a new Glasgow delft work? Michael Donnelly
  • Bratby & Hinchliffe - a pottery or not?
  • The City Pottery, Glasgow Gerard Quail
  • Dunmore Pottery Kiln (pictures) Graeme D R Cruickshank
  • Rutland/Bough - the plot thickens
  • More decorative studios
  • On the importance of being marked.....
  • And on the subject of marks
  • Non-Scottish 'Glasgow' china
  • More fireclay works
  • Spongeware in the West
  • A cautionary tale

  • No. 1. Archivist's Newsletter 1976, Editorial: Graeme D.R. Cruickshank

  • Hydepark Pottery - a mark at last
  • Orkney pottery imports: Prestonpans to Leith to Kirkwal
  • An unrecorded Scottish Pottery
  • Delftfield Pottery: a question of detail
  • Find of the Summer
  • A minor problem solved
  • Fireclay works - and another new name
  • Closure of Belfield's of Prestonpans
  • More on Montrose
  • Dunmore Pottery Kiln: RIP
  • A Glasgow china puzzle
  • Rutland - root or branch of Bough?
  • Scottish Pottery Exports