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Programme of meetings 2017- 2018

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Charity No. SC003935

Programme of meetings 2017- 2018

Note:- see Branches page for location of meeting places. Meetings usually commence at 7.30pm

Glasgow Branch Edinburgh Branch
11 September - Robert Jardine: Bridgeness Pottery 8 September - Summer Finds: bring along any new finds you have acquired over the summer
9 October - Graeme Cruickshank: The potteries of Aberdeen 6 October -Talk: speaker and topic to be confirmed
13 November - Hildegarde Brewick: Craft Potters from Dumfries and Galloway 10 November - Bring Your Own: Mugs and Coffee Cans
11 December - Christmas Party : Summer and Autumn Finds 8 December - Christmas Party (at the German Church): bring and share supper
8 January - Heather Jack: The Glasgow School of Art and the China Painters: Mapping the Spread of a Fireside Art 12 January - Four ten-minute talks by members: volunteers please!
12 February - Anna Lewandowska-Mirska, potter: Ceramics 9 February - Jill Turnbull: Behind the scenes at the Glassworks
12 March - Robin Jones: An Introduction to Scottish Pottery 9 March -Douglas Bowie: Bo'ness Pottery
9 April - Branch AGM 13 April - Branch AGM, followed by a short presentation, to be confirmed
14 May - George Russell: Cleland Pottery
11 May - SPS AGM in Edinburgh, followed by a short presentation by Robin Jones on Edward Chawner the collectable ceramic models man