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SPHR Guidelines for Authors

Charity No. SC003935

Call for Research Papers and Timetable for SPHR 26

The Society welcomes submissions for publishing research into any aspect of Scottish ceramic history. The only stipulations are that the research should be original and previously unpublished.

Initially, please submit a proposal of not more than 400 words to the Secretary, Robin Jones, [email protected] together with a list of sources you have used or intend to use in the preparation of the paper.

SPHR Guidelines for Authors

1. All material submitted for publication is assumed to be submitted exclusively to the Scottish Pottery Society.

2. An indication of the illustrations that will be used would be helpful. Photographs and sketches must be of a suitable quality for reproduction. Please supply all images as separate high resolution .tif or .jpg files (>300 dpi) together with a list of captions.

3. Papers should be provided in digital form and on paper. The paper copy should be double spaced with wide margins. Please supply your name and contact details on a separate sheet.

4. Notes and references appear at the end of the paper. Please use Word's endnote feature if possible

5. Please include all references to: published works (books, articles, papers); unpublished works; oral information acquired (interviews, conversations); references to material in collections; any other sources of data. Information on how to set out the references is available from the Secretary.

6. Copyright: if you plan to use illustrations or photographs of which you do not hold the copyright you must obtain permission, in writing, from the copyright holder to publish the image. Please note that the copyright holder has the legal right to specify the wording and position of any acknowledgement.

Timetable for SPHR 27

24 April 2017 Deadline for proposals for research papers
30 September 2017 Deadline for draft research papers
30 November 2017 Deadline for completed papers
31 January 2018 Full edited copy (papers, prelims and end matter, all images with captions) to designer
15 February 2018 First proof to editor
15 March 2018 Pass for print
30 April 2018 Delivery date